Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Flying Boy

Little Rodney was playing in his babysitter’s backyard. Michele and Michael, the babysitter’s two children were with him. They were playing near the swing set when Rodney decided to show off. He told the other two, “Watch this,” and he sat down on the ground Indian style. Then he started to levitate straight up into the air. The other children were shocked, since this was magic to them after all. Rodney didn’t feel it was magic though, it was just something he could do. Michele screamed for her mother and ran towards the house to tell on him.
“Mommy!” she yelled out. “Rodney’s flying!"

This was the first time Rodney had used his ability to show off. He usually kept it a secret. It did come in handy though when Frankenstein’s monster was chasing him. The creature had come out of nowhere and came after him with outstretched arms. Fortunately, the creature was slow, giving Rodney time to get into position and float away. It was a close one, since his ability to fly only allowed him to move at a very slow speed. He only barely made it.

His slowness became his undoing when Superman came after him. Since Superman could fly himself, Rodney couldn’t get away fast enough. Superman flew around him in a game of cat and mouse causing Rodney to cry, and then he zapped him with his heat vision, and Rodney woke up screaming. Rodney just didn’t understand why Superman would come after him like that. Superman was supposed to be good. Maybe Rodney wasn’t supposed to fly.

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