Monday, January 16, 2012

Lost Girl

I just watched the first episode of Lost Girl on SyFy. I was interested because it's a show about a succubus. I'm not going to say that it's awful, but it's no Being Human. The show obviously has a low budget, and it shows, but that's not the killing point. I'm a firm believer that good writing, acting and directing can overcome the most shoestring of budgets. The main problem with this show is in the writing. It is, shall we say, cliche. The rogue who refuses to take sides in a turf war so she can fight for the defenseless leads to...I can say it already and the series has just started: the one destined to unite the two warring factions into a force of good in the universe. From the first episode, I have to conclude that the rules for supernatural beings aren't the result of magic, curses, or evil; but of evolution. That makes this show less supernatural and more science fiction.  Now, every writer has the right to create their own universe, and I don't begrudge these writers for doing so. The succubus in this case needs to feed off of others in order to survive, as opposed to the succubi legends which claim that she needs to feed off of a man's lifeforce in order to nourish her unborn child. That sort of tweak is probably necessary to keep a series going indefinitely, but it also puts the character in the realm of vampire rip-off. We have a lot of vampire shows out there right now, which means it's going to take that much more effort to be original, and thus something we'll look forward to every week. As it is, I could take or leave the show. Fortunately for it, it has Being Human as a lead in.

The lead actress gives a pretty wooden performance, as does much of the rest of the cast, and there's a very annoying side-kick. I'm hoping the lead learns how to act in time, and the side-kick is killed off. The only bright spot in the cast appears to be the male lead. That's him pictured on the left. I think he's some kind of werewolf. He's got a non-traditional look for a leading man, which makes him both relatable and interesting. His acting style is engaging, and quite frankly, he steals the show. I'm thinking it might behoove the writers to make this show more about a werewolf's involvement with a tortured succubus, rather than a succubus who kicks ass every week.

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