Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tera, Queen of the Succubi

This witch gave my short story a bad review!

Her name is Tera, and she is the self-proclaimed queen of the succubi. I'm being tongue-in-cheek when I call her a witch, and considering where her interests lie, I don't think she'd mind. "Queen of the Succubi" is kind of witchy sounding, after all. Also, I'm not upset that I received a bad review. I'm actually grateful that she took the time to read and review my story. She runs what could almost be an internet empire devoted to the subject of succubi and their brethren. It not only consists of her blog, where she reviews stories, movies, artwork and costumes; but also a succubi wiki, a forum, and a gallery.

The first thing I wonder about Tera, is if she has a job, since the webpage she runs is pretty extensive. I'm not sure if she's making any money off the enterprise, but I haven't seen any advertisements on her pages, so I'll assume that she doesn't. I think that's unfortunate, since she updates her pages every day, and obviously puts a lot of time into finding succubi related material and then writing about it. She obviously loves the subject, and has found a niche in the horror market that has not yet been exploited. If you like horror, particularly of the camp sort, you'll enjoy the blog. Her appreciation for succubi tends to focus on their sexual nature, and contrary to how I view them, she does not consider them to be evil. It is exclusively about succubi though, which can be a little overwhelming for general horror fans, but with all the options available on the internet, finding that niche is important.

Because of her hard work in maintaining the site, the extensiveness of the information, and its unique subject matter, I give it five pitchforks out of five.

You can read Tera's less than stellar review of my story at the following link:
A Succubi's Tale

While you're there, you can follow the links available to check out the rest of her network.

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